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Innovative Strategy.  Whether it’s business, sports, investments or legal matters, developing a clear and concise strategy is crucial for success in all endeavors.  Mansfield, Bronstein & Stone, LLP always commences the handling of every client’s representation by establishing a strategy for success that is custom-tailored to each client’s unique needs.  An innovative, well thought out strategy that will culminate in success for our clients, whether they have hired our firm for a single transaction, or complex multi-party civil litigation. 

Dedicated Advocacy.  Our Partners have more than 70 years of combined legal expertise in civil litigation and transactional matters.  Hundreds of clients have sought our counsel to advocate on their behalf, as we always seek to proffer an innovative approach for success.  This interdisciplinary approach to the practice of law enables our attorneys to handle complex matters, in a more efficient manner than larger firms, while never forsaking our commitment to quality.  Big-firm experience, boutique-firm sensibilities, and reasonable fee structures ensure client approval and retention.

Proven Results.  Multimillion-dollar jury verdicts.  Transactions that close on a timely basis, and within chronological and financial budgets.  Awards bestowed by legal journalists for precedent-setting cases handled on behalf of corporate clients.  Accolades bestowed by peers and clients who have recognized our achievements as we have tailored our work to the specific demands of each case.  Each of these results helps to define not just who we are, but how we represent our clients.  Results.  Proven results, are a product of defining an innovative strategy, and implanting the same in a dedicated manner – treating each matter as the most important one we have ever been engaged on.  Proven results define who we are at Mansfield, Bronstein & Stone, LLP.

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